Shooterz Hockey Card Game

Shooterz Hockey Card Game, game box and content

SHOOTERZ Hockey Card Game.

Head-2-Head hockey action for 2 players, ages 8 to adult


   Turnover! The crowd roars. You turn on a dime and speed for the hole between the defence. You scream for the puck, and your team-mate puts it on your tape.

   Your heart is pounding as you jet across the blue-line. You look up as the goalie races out to cut down the angle. Silence. All you hear is your own thoughts - and your breathing.

   You know what you're going to do... You fake the shot and cut to your left. As he drops his glove to follow you - you rifle the puck into the top corner! Pandemonium! The crowd explodes, as you turn and are mobbed by your team-mates. Yeah, baby!

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Review by Gregg Senko, Ohio, USA

9/10 Very clever how the game's creator built this game. It's pretty easy to grasp. How penalties, shot blocking (different from goaltending) and goaltending come together is pretty impressive. Going through the deck one time is one period. Though that may sound like it takes a while, it definitely does not.


I want to compare this game to Bottom of the 9th for a moment. Yes, apples and oranges, I know. One is hockey, the other baseball. However, they are both still quick-playing sports board/card games. Bottom of the 9th is too clunky for its own good. There are just too many things to check on to resolve a pitch, if contact was made, if so what kind of hit is it, etc. Shooterz streamlines all of that in its own world. When you have the cards to shoot, you lay them out, and it's simple.


You need a defenseman card, a wing and a center. If I don't want to lay down cards to block it (or I'm unable to), the shooter secretly picks the card specifying direction. The defending player on that turn secretly determines one of their goalie cards. Both cards are then revealed at the same time. A shooter has a 1 in 3 chance of scoring. Shooting cards denote a shot going upper right, upper left or five hole. Goalie cards have a 2 in 3 chance of stopping the shot. Each of the three goalie cards denote two areas of saving, thus leaving one open (signified by a crosshairs in the open area). If a shooter's card matches up with the exposed/crosshair location, it's a goal.


Just to clarify, it's not like one player is a offense and one is defense only. Both players in a game of Shooterz take on both of these actions throughout the game. In the game I played, I was down 1-0 and ended up winning 3-2. I like the fact that penalties hold back certain cards for a moment too. My only negative is the shooting cards, especially the top left and top right directions, should be more clear. The direction the puck is traveling on those cards isn't that extreme so a quick glance may make one think they're choosing an aim that's not intended. An arrow on the card would have been a nice addition. Still, this rather minor in the grand scheme of things. I highly recommend it for hockey fans casual or hardcore. Oh, the scoring markers are little red flashers/sirens which was a very cool touch. So glad I caught this one on Kickstarter!



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