It is Earth year 2717, and centuries after the Third Nuclear War. The surviving factions have migrated to Alpha Centauri – ruled by Dr. Fang, the notorious Zian dictator and his giant cloned thugs, the ZGG.


Sixteen-year-old Tyler Hicks and his dad spend their days mapping out planets and moons in the A star system for the Free faction. While his dad zooms off to exciting spheres, Tyler gets stuck on boring moon work trips.


All that changes when his mining drone accidentally discovers a volatile new energy that could double the speed of the Freelander starships - which puts Tyler on Fang's most-wanted list.


When his dad suddenly disappears on a top-secret mission and his clone governess, Grace, is kidnapped, Tyler finds himself alone and afraid. However, life takes another twist when he rescues teen fighter-pilot, Willow Greene. 

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Tyler Hicks & The Battle for Alpha Centauri

Paperback, 165 pages

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